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TotalFreedom AngularJS MVC library
This library provides more tight integration between C# classes and AngularJS, helps to those who prefer to use as much C# and as little JavaScript as possible

Quick Intro

if you want quickly decide if the library is useful for you, check the page:
(keep in mind that the library is still in the beta stage)

  • The most important is that you find most of errors on compile time, without testing a page. Significantly decrease testing time and increase quality
  • Second, if you try to use some of the element out of valid scope, an exception will be thrown, will let you immediately see what and where went wrong. Therefore decrease testing time and increase quality
  • Templates that generate names of your partial files, no need to type directory and file names. Just use generated constants

You can see demo of features and samples of source code at

The library will be available as a NuGet package after major features will be documented

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